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Southern Truss, Inc. is a family owned business primarily engaged in wood roof and floor truss manufacturing along with other goods and services that compliment the primary business. The business was started in 1979, with principles that began in the late 1940's. At that time, the family was doing light commercial and residential home building. By the late 70's roof trusses were increasing in popularity and as a result came longer order and wait times along with decreasing quality. With these negatives in mind, Southern Truss was formed and promised our customers to deliver a top quality product, in a timely manner, and at a fair price. Today, we still hold these ideals no matter how tempting it is to cut corners in order to cheapen the product. Our byline "Absolutely the Best" is taken seriously here and we strive every single day to live up to it.


Although Southern Truss started out as a roof truss manufacturer, it soon became clear that as a result of our founding principles, we would need to expand our goods and services. These expansions were done with control and deliberation in order to maintain our quality. Among these additions were floor trusses, I-Joists (we actually manufacture our I-Joist through licensing agreements), LVL Beams, Glu-lam beams, steel beams (we size all of these beams based on individual needs), fasteners and hanger hardware, wall panels, truss design and engineering, home design, crane service, installation, on site measurement, and we are also members of the WTCA and SIBA.


To see how Southern Truss can help you with your project please contact us at 1-800-447-0318 or email us at Our hope is that after dealing with us you will agree Southern Truss and their employees are "Absolutely the Best".