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Products We Offer

Roof Trusses

Our roof trusses are built in laser guided jigs to help insure tight fitting joints along with proper plate placement. This gives you the peace of mind of having a quality build product that will perform to its structural design. As you can see from the pictures, no job is too small or too large. Whether it is commercial, residential, agricultural, if it can be done, we can do it.



Floor Trusses

Our Floor trusses are built to the same exacting standards as our roof trusses. Neither quality nor structural integrity is compromised when you receive our floor trusses. Floor trusses add a lot of flexibility to your project because they can be designed to be deeper in depth and have closer spacing. This allows longer clear spans and higher design loads.




Southern Truss is one of a handful of truss companies that actually manufacture their own I-Joist. We are currently licensed with Nascor to produce joist. Compared to our roof and floor trusses, the tolerances for producing joist are even tighter. We also test and destroy a certain percentage of finished product to insure the joist will perform to their design loads. We also have third party inspection for our joist. This verifies all records are proper and assures that we meet all major building codes. We should note that we have produced millions of feet and that the Nascor licensee have collectively produced 100's of millions of feet which in turn has produced thousands of satisfied customers. Since we manufacture our own joist you can be certain of no product outage and in most cases 1-2 day delivery.



LVL Beams

Laminated veneer lumber beams are used extensively in our roof and floor designs. They make it much more assuring to know that each beam will carry a given amount of weight. You are not "shooting in the dark" when beams are designed with LVL as opposed to nominal 2x lumber. We used the most updated software for beam design that works for your particular application.



Glu-Lam Beams

Glu-Lams, although not a huge part of our business, are available in architectural grade as well as industrial grade. (Finish grade and slightly rough grade) Glu-Lams are normally used commercially (churches, banks, schools, etc.) but we have also supplied to the residential side of business.



Steel Beams

Steel beams and columns are just another example of Southern Truss' commitment to being your complete component supplier. With our design technology and multiple sources, we can assure you a properly designed beam at the right price. These beams can be delivered to you, (and set by crane if desired), cut to length, and prepared with holes drilled or wood plates already attached. One phone call takes care of all you needs for your building product.



Wall Panels
Wall panels have been produced at Southern Truss since the early 1980's. We feel the key to a satisfied customer is to have accurate take-offs/dimensions and good caring people producing a quality product. In recent years, wall panels have increased in popularity with the "green movement"; less waste in a factory environment creates less waste at the job site.



Fastener & Hardware

Southern Truss has teamed with Simpson-Strong Tie to help us achieve the very best complete component design. Within our roof/floor designs, and especially in today's market, there are many truss to truss, etc. connectors that require the use of special hangers or connectors. By attending educational seminars and using the best design programs, we can be confident that our total design package will be in your best interest and will perform for you long after the job is completed.